Crigler-Najjar Day 2019

The International day of Crigler-Najjar, named "Crigler-Najjar Day" was created and launched by the French Crigler-Najjar Association (AFCN) in 2017. It is celebrated every year on June 21st. In the framework of this year’s Crigler-Najjar Day, the French patient organisation involved in the CureCN project created a social media campaign that aims to raise awareness of the ultra-rare disease of Crigler-Najjar. To promote the Crigler-Najjar Day, everybody is invited to get involved: wear yellow and blue, take a picture and share it on any social media channel!

YELLOW is the color of the skin and eyes of Crigler-Najjar patients, of the sun which is good for them, and it is also the color of the sunflower, the symbol flower of the Crigler-Najjar patients. Like the sunflowers, the patients always turn towards light, whether natural (sun) or artificial (phototherapy). BLUE is the color of the light that keeps them alive. Crigler-Najjar patients have to sleep under an intense blue lamp every night.

Different partners from the CureCN project contributed to this campaign with nice pictures.

Further information regarding the event can be found here.